Paediatric Association of Nigeria

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MembershipPriceDescriptionMake Payment
Associate Membership25,000.00The price for membership is ₦25,000.00 now and then ₦5,000.00 per Year.
  • payment of induction fees for associate members N10,000
  • membership form N5,000
  • annual dues N5,000.00
  • Others N5,000
  • Total: N25,000.00 (Twenty-five Thousand Naira)
Ordinary Membership40,000.00

The price for membership is ₦40,000.00 now and then ₦15,000.00 per Year.

  • payment of induction fees for new ordinary members N10,000
  • membership form N5,000
  • payment for PAN scarf or tie N8,000
  • lapel pins for ordinary members N2,000
  • annual dues N15,000.00
  • Total: N40,000.00 (Forty Thousand Naira)