Paediatric Association of Nigeria


Scale up of Capacity for Neonatal Resuscitation in Nigeria

Overall Objectives of the project

To increase the number of health care providers with skills in neonatal resuscitation throughout all the wards of the 774 local government areas of Nigeria.

Promote and sustain equity, efficiency, accessibility, and quality in neonatal health care provision.

Identify the areas of neonatal health care that need immediate intervention.

Support the sustainability of capacity building in neonatal resuscitation through certification and re-certification of health care providers who care for neonates.

Mobilise resources for neonatal care in Nigeria.

Develop collaborative network of health workers that care for neonates.

Develop comprehensive NICU in all states of the federation.

Sensitise policy makers and health managers on neonatal care.

Facilitate the generation of data on neonatal care in the country and thus generate data for the NHIMS on neonatal care.

Facilitate universal access to minimum health package for mothers and their babies.

Generate trust and confidence in neonatal health care among the public.

Develop a strategy to sustain the programme.

Establish a disengagement strategy for PAN that ensures sustainability of the project.

Harness available resources for optimal neonatal care and thus contribute to the overall health system of Nigeria.