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The Paediatric Association of Nigeria (PAN), on the occasion of the Year 2020 World Pneumonia Day (WPD), joins the global advocacy for a pneumonia-free society. Pneumonia is the highest cause of illness and death in Nigerian children accounting for 147,000 under-5 deaths in 2017.

This year 2020 WPD is especially notable because of the prevailing COVID 19 pandemic which is primarily a respiratory tract infection, thus adding to the burden of morbidity and mortality from pneumonia. In addition, the pandemic has resulted in disruption to preventive and therapeutic childcare services including immunization, food supplementation, and early presentation/treatments for common illnesses, creating a grave milieu for severe illness and worse outcomes.

PAN in conjunction with other stakeholders is committed to childhood pneumonia control and prevention in Nigeria; and utilizes this opportunity to call on corporate and professional bodies, organizations, and governments to channel adequate investments and generate actions targeted towards publicity for awareness, human and capital resources in pneumonia prevention and management.

With these, Nigeria is sure to improve on her child health indices and undo the infamous reputation as the highest contributor to under-5 mortality in the world.



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